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Zyga21 Do I have to get verified? I mean I don't use the site often and I've been here for a long time.
spalari hehe xD
[LUN]pttyfly a ...

DB Server Video!

Grimaldi atag posted Oct 26, 14
Ready, Action!!!!

We are looking to create a fun and exciting server video compiling footage of all guilds to help promote our server and we need your help!!! Do you wanna get your guild out there and show the world how well you play, this is your chance!!! Please contact Sir Hayden with footage, and video ideas. We are looking for a Server Videographer who can help us make great content we can share with our community to take pride in our accomplishments!!

[BS] Namttam tag LOL YES
BP]Vessel Is Alive! ^^ BP TIER TWO RAP by Vessel^^ ...
[BS] Namttam tag Awesome logo. I'll use it and give you creds in the video description.